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We are expert in Anti-Interference Technology for Contactless Smart Card.
Anti-Electromagnetic Interference Technology for RFID




Avoid Interference Error

Can you imagine how many smart cards people are carrying in their wallets?

Collision errors caused by electromagnetic-interference are on the increase, a result of the many smart cards people carry for various purpose such as transit cards for fare payment, employee IDs in government and corporate environments, e-passports and other secure identification, and electronic money cards for contactless payment.

With our FLUX products, RFID authentication is smooth and easy, even when you carrying multiple contactless smart cards at once.

Our materials are comprised of electromagnetic shielding metal and a soft magnetic alloy heat treated to fully develop its high permeability, which is adjusted for frequency of 13.56MHz.

It has an electromagnetic radiation shielding function and gives firm electromagnetic coupling with the card reader at the same time.
This is the base material of our FLUX series products.

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ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)

flux series

ODM and Partnership

Suggestion for adopting FLUX for your products

Trial manufacture is most important process for us.
We listen carefully to your demand and make it with a trial product.

We will explain the flows from the suggestion of the concept to delivery of goods by a simple flow. And we will do the best suggestion to a market, a sale price, the quantity.

So, all what we ask you to do is just tell us what you want.

Since we are dealing from a design to production, which is called as ODM (Original Design Manufactured), and will help with production from plan drafting.

It is a style of "Plan Suggestion Model" that we particularly lay emphasis.

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